Belding Area Schools have a new mascot, which the superintendent announced to students on Friday.

Last Fall, the school district decided to drop it’s Redskin nickname and mascot after many parents, students and residents raised concern.

On Friday Superintendent Brent Noskey walked into an assembly at Belding High School dressed as a Black Knight. According to WWMT, they decided on the Black Knight mascot and nickname because it’s a symbol of “honor, loyalty and courage.”

They say Belding residents and students favored the Black Knight over Bengal and Bruins which were the other choices. Although, looking at the comments on their Facebook post, it doesn't look like everyone is thrilled with the decision, including one comment that says:

"I am so not impressed with the Spartan mascot! Thats right Spartan!! Thats what it looks like! Let alone if you look up black knight, it stands for death!!! Wow thats good have our kids stand for death!! Way to go!!"

"This looks like Sparty with a bad spray tan!"

The school board is expected to officially approve the mascot change later this month.

Source: WWMT

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