Australia has a lot of things going for it: the hot women, the great actors, the scary insects that will kill the crap out of you...and great bands! One of the great Aussie bands is Twelve Foot Ninja, and we got to see them on Tuesday at the Intersection with Sevendust.

Their new album, Outlier, comes out on the 26th, and they played some cool stuff from the new album for us, as well as some great songs from their earlier albums.

I've been following them a little for a while now, as the guitarists have a pretty cool gear setup, using Line 6 stuff. They can change tunings, guitar sounds, amp sounds, everything in the signal chain with one click of a button during a song, which kicks ass.

So they can go from full-on metal on humbuckers to and acoustic guitar sound, to a strat sound, and change tunings every time if they want. You can hear so cool sound changes during their set. Below I posted a video of Stevic showing how he uses the gear to have 3 different tunings live in one song, as well as a bunch of guitar and amp combinations.

Fun band, cool songs, and lots going on. Check them out.

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