Something that has been hurting Michiganders long before the pandemic is the ridiculous rates car insurance companies have been charging.

From what I have seen so far, the insurance cuts are being made on the drivers' personal injury protection. I'm not sure why they don't just lower the overall cost... oh wait, I know why... they just want more money from us.

According to FOX 17, new insurance rates have been approved by the state. Supposedly, the rates are lower than the law requires but again, the sacrifice is really on the consumer by taking lower personal protection coverage from when some idiot slams your vehicle when you're driving safely.

Isn't the point of insurance to protect drivers from other drivers? It really doesn't seem that way when the state of Michigan and the insurance companies make deals like this.

Its a deal where you get less protection on your injuries while the vehicle coverage doesn't drop at all. Once again, a deal that proves that the insurance companies just want your money are really don't care about your safety.

Sure, you can choose more protection but as high as the rates are, it will be hard for most to choose a protection plan they can really afford. Trust me, I'll take the lower plan and take my chances and drive as safe as possible but hopefully that true accident doesn't happen and back fire on me.

FOX 17 said the new laws allow divers to choose how much PIP coverage they want to pay for including unlimited coverage.

Yes, lower rates can be exciting but again its coming at a cost if you are the innocent one that gets slammed by a semi and you chose a lower premium.

If you want to learn more about these new laws and your choices click here.

I hope in the future the state takes a closer look at the gouging Michigan residents are receiving from the Insurance companies who continue to lobby our politicians to get their way because this new plan on the surface looks it saves you money when in fact it is really only saving the insurance companies from paying out when you get severely injured.

Is that really an insurance cut?

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