Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about tiny houses, and Joe and Steve's desire to live in one. Steve has made his interest in the lifestyle clear before, and Joe has even expressed interest in living in the tiniest of houses. But would the significant others be down for the tiny living?

The possibility of the guys moving in together with their SOs comes up, and Steve floats the idea that Annette might be interested if Ellen were there, too.

The ladies like the idea of a cabin they could go visit and then leave, but not necessarily move in full-time.

Free Beer has found the perfect tiny cabin for the guys to move into, it's a Swedish home that he wants the guys to move into. Steve wants it mobile, so they can move it around, and Joe managed to find a tiny home built ON a Honda Civic, just to prove Hot Wings wrong about living in a Civic.

Annette throws in her two cents, claiming Joe and Ellen are out, and they can't live in Steve and Annette's tiny much for sharing among the boys.

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