Friday, August 21st, Pop Evil hit Grand Rapids for their CD release party, and they had a couple great bands in tow, Red Sun Rising, and the amazing Aranda! I'm a big Aranda fan, they are really nice guys, and rock the hell out every show, either with the full band or acoustic. These guys bring it.

Unfortunately, on Thursday afternoon, I was notified that one of the brothers, Dameon, had gotten seriously ill, and they were running tests on him to see what was wrong, so he'd miss the show here in Grand Rapids. He will be okay, and the rest of the band was in a van with a fill-in guitar player, to come rock GR!

When the guys arrived in town for the show, they came straight to WGRD to play a song for us on the radio, which you can see here, and then they spent a lot of time at lunch with some lucky ticket winners!

We got to meet Blake, the fill-in guitarist, who also plays with them on some shows as second guitar, and have some great pizza before the show.

After the opening from local rockers Torrid, and then Red Sun Rising's great set, Aranda hit the stage. I love this band, and even with Dameon out, Gabe still rocked Grand Rapids! It was a great set, and the crowd was having a good time with the band!

As great as the set was, next time we get them back, and both brothers are here, you'll see just how good these guys can be together!

Thanks to Gabe and the guys, for driving for 16 hours to come to GR and rock the lot with us, even with Dameon home sick. We will see you back here soon, Aranda, count on it!