Aranda rocked Grand Rapids August 21 at the Intersection with Torrid, Red Sun Rising, and hometown rockers Pop Evil!

Before the show Aranda stopped by WGRD to chat, hang out with GRD listeners, and play "One More Lie" live on the air!

Two very talented brothers, Dameon and Gabe Aranda, front the band Aranda. Unfortunately Dameon was ill and unable to make the visit. We hope he's feeling better and back to kicking ass on stage soon! Guitarist Blake joined Gabe in studio.

Gabe talked with Janna about touring with Pop Evil back in the day, dreaming to someday tour with Foo Fighters, and the new album Not The Same:

"We're really excited about it. We went into the album thinking that we didn't want to do the same album again- which kind of goes with the title, Not The Same, but also what we were talking about, is that in our lives we aren't the same people. We are getting a little older, we've gone through a lot experiences, just like everyone does, and it changes you, and hopefully for the better. We are in a whole different part of our lives and so it [the album] reflects that. Musically we did not want to do the same thing either... we've got so much more to say. This album has some of those other sides to it. It's got the heavy stuff too, but some of our other influences, a little more- I wouldn't say gospel or R&B- but more soul to some of the songs."

Gabe and Blake played an awesome acoustic version of Aranda's "One More Lie" live on WGRD! Check out our talk with Gabe, and the performance, which starts at about the 4 minute mark, above!

Afterward Gabe even went out for pizza with GRD listeners! We all had an amazing time hanging with Gabe and his crew!

Stay tuned for photos and video from the Aranda show at the Intersection with Pop Evil soon!