Friday before their show at 20 Monroe Live, metal titans Anthrax stopped by the WGRD studios to talk about the tour, music, beer, and to play some songs acoustic for us! The guys were great, funny, and the acoustic set was a lot of fun.

They played three songs for us, including "Breathing Lightning" from their latest album, For All Kings, as well as a couple classics; "Antisocial", and "Madhouse".

Anthrax has just started doing acoustic sets recently, and this was maybe their fifth time doing this. You'd think the metal riffing wouldn't translate well to acoustic guitars, but they really do a great job.

It's always cool to hear different versions of songs, and on Friday we got to hear all these songs both in this acoustic setting, and then nice a noisy at 20 Monroe Live! Don't miss checking out the live versions of "Madhouse" and "Among the Living" from Friday night's show, they're fantastic!

Special thanks to Anthrax for coming by and playing for us!

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