Friday night, Anthrax and Killswitch Engage hit Grand Rapids on the Killthrax tour, with The Devil Wears Prada, and Jasta. I've been looking forward to the first metal show at 20 Monroe Live, and it's awesome for me that's it's Anthrax!

I've been a huge Anthrax fan since the 80's, and have followed them through their lineup changes, the drop in metal popularity in the 90's, and the resurgence in the 2000's. I was super stoked when Joey came back to the band, especially after the amazing album Worship Music was released.

The latest album For All Kings is another great record from one of the originators of thrash, and one of the Big 4. And these guys always tear things up live.

Few bands hit the stage with the energy that Anthrax always has, and fewer still have as much fun as these guys do. All while playing great metal!

Joey still sounds amazing live, and the band sounded incredible. Kudos to their sound guy, for doing an amazing mix job, as everything is really punchy and big, but nothing overpowers anything else. A lot of times, the drums tend to be really loud in a live metal show, but while you could hear everything Charlie is doing, they didn't overpower the guitars and vocals.

I like that.

Great show, amazing band, and the crowd surfed and moshed, and showed 20 Monroe Live how awesome metal is in Grand Rapids! Enjoy the videos of "Among the Living", and "Madhouse" from the show!

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