As vaccines become easier to get and pandemic numbers seem to be heading in a downward trend, more people have decided that traveling, and specifically air travel, is something they feel safer doing. If you're in West Michigan one of the first things you usually check is to see if there are any flights out of Grand Rapids International Airport (GRR for the aviation inclined) that fits your needs.

But you might notice a problem if you log on to and open up the routing maps. While Grand Rapids is listed as it should be, the dot ISN'T quite in the right place. In fact, it looks to be somewhere in the Traverse City area, specifically the Crystal Lake area.

Southwest Routing Map | Markup by Ken Evans
Southwest Routing Map | Markup by Ken Evans

In fact, if the flights actually originated in the spot as noted, you're in for about a three hour drive FROM Grand Rapids, to fly out of Grand Rapids...

Luckily I'm pretty sure that the pilots will actually take off from GRR (and hopefully land there too). They should have a Garmin or some Google Maps or something, right?

But why is it so hard for companies to get Michigan right? Usually the UP gets the short end of the stick in these map mistakes.

Remember when Fox News gave away the UP to Canada? What about when Busch Beer thought it was part of Wisconsin? You'd think that Wisconsinites would know better, but one time they gave the UP to Canada too! The disrespect to the Superior State runs so deep there's even a subreddit highlighting it.

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