As if they didn't already suffer enough....

Fox News reports two women, who were traveling on a Chinese airline, had their flight delayed until the following day due to bad weather. The airline offered them a complimentary night's stay at a nearby hotel. However, this room came complete with cuffs, sex chairs and swings.

Yup, the two women, who were also strangers, were booked at an S&M hotel, and nonetheless, on Valentine's Day.

They were so horrified by what happened they took to a Chinese website to complain and share pictures.

Our hotel-booking representative couldn't secure any room and did not research what a 'themed suite' means..."

That's what the airline wrote in a statement when they learned of what happened.

Yes, I'd be pretty shocked myself but the fact that these women were so "horrified" and couldn't find the humor in the mix-up may explain why they're alone on Valentine's Day.