In January, downtown Grand Rapids lost a popular, and really needed business. If you work downtown, and ever needed something quick, like a snack, or cigarettes, candy, magazines, newspapers, would go to Elliott's.

Because of the renovations to our building here at 50 Monroe, Elliott's shut its doors, and Bill Bennett, the owner was thinking about retiring.

But there's a space open in McKay Tower, in the lobby behind Freshii, and Elliott's will be reopening in that space!

Before Elliott's moved in to 50 Monroe, it had originally been located in McKay Tower, even before it was called McKay Tower, so it's pretty cool that Bill can reopen the store in McKay Tower after being driven out of our building.

So, very soon, not only will you be able to get a Freshii bowl, or some basement sushi, but you'll be able to get some candy, chips, danish, cigarettes, magazines, and other simple sundries. Doesn't sound like something you'll immediately think would be a necessary thing if you DON'T work downtown, but when you do, Elliott's is a godsend.

Welcome back, Elliott's!

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