This is definitely the first time we've heard of a guy's pacemaker ratting him out! 

Ross Compton of Middletown, Ohio lost his house back in September to a fire.  When he called 911, he told the dispatcher he'd grabbed some stuff, thrown it out the window and then escaped.  But the cops felt like the story didn't add up and they finally found some evidence to back up their suspicions:  data from Ross's pacemaker.

They subpoenaed the data log from that day to see what Ross's heart rate and cardiac rhythms were like before, during and after the fire.  And they did NOT match up with his story of frantically jumping out the window to escape the blaze!  If his house was really on fire and he was scrambling to save stuff and escape, his heart rate should've been elevated.  But it wasn't.

Ross was arrested and charged with arson and insurance fraud.

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