Many years ago, I found out that I could not have more children. I could become pregnant, I just couldn't be pregnant. I was so grateful for the healthy daughter I had. However, I had many thoughts and discussions about adopting to grow my family.

In the end, it was not meant to be. Adopting isn't for everyone. Is it for you?

There are so many wonderful kids who really need good adoptive parents. Especially, older kids. They are adoptable AND adaptable.

There are approximately 14,000 children in foster care in Michigan, and each year approximately 3,000 of these children will become legally free for adoption.  On average, 300 children are waiting with no identified families.

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Michigan has adoption navigators and foster care navigators to help prospective adoptive or foster families complete the approval process. Navigators are experienced adoptive or foster parents who have completed the home study process, gone through many hours of parent and professional staff training, and welcomed children to their families.

For questions about adoption navigators, contact MARE at 800-589-MARE (6273) or email

Will you be able to step up for Michigan’s children?

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