Just because the majority of firework shows in West Michigan have cancelled doesn't mean people aren't still shooting them off on their own. In fact, in Grand Rapids alone, there has been a 532% increase in the number of complaints due to fireworks.

With that said, did you know many animals run away during the holiday weekend? I would be devastated if I found myself in this position and I'm sure you would be too. So if you have a dog or cat who usually gets anxious and/or scared when they hear fireworks, do what you can to keep them safe and reassured.

In an e-mail from the Humane Society of West Michigan, their first and foremost tip is to get your pet microchipped! When an animal is found the first thing vets or shelters will do is scan for a microchip which is a permanent form of ID that can't get lost. If your dog or cat doesn't have one, speak to your veterinarian about it. Before you adopt an animal from the HSWM, they will be up-to-date on their vaccines, spayed/neutered, and microchipped.

The HSWM recommends that if you have an anxious dog to safely keep them in a quiet part of the house during fireworks with windows and curtains closed. Some even benefit from soft music to drown out the loud noises. If you do have fireworks yourself, make sure to keep them away from your pet to prevent them from accidentally eating it. Some dogs are so anxious your vet might even suggest medication. If you're going to a party, leave your dog at home, and double check that your yard is secured in case your pup tries to escape.

In addition to fireworks, it's going to be extremely hot this holiday weekend so don't leave your pet outdoors for an extended period of time or in a hot car. Too much heat and humidity is dangerous to an animal.

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