This is such a great story, because of the motivation behind why the young kid started raising money.

MLive has a story about 4-year-old Levi Bolenbaugh who started a lemonade stand in his neighborhood to raise money for the Jackson County Animal Shelter.  This whole idea came about to this little activist after his mom said she wanted to look into volunteering at the animal shelter, MLive reports.

Well since he’s only 4, he’s not allowed to volunteer at the shelter so he started a lemonade stand and raised $63 and he also collected some blankets and toys for the dogs and cats.

Jackson County Animal Shelter - Michigan posted on Facebook on Thursday that Levi had stopped by and dropped off the donations he got for the shelter.

His mom told MLive that Levi wanted to bring the donation to the shelter right after he closed up the lemonade stand.

MLive says that Levi is planning to set up the lemonade stand again this summer, this time with the help of his friends.  So cool for this little dude to want to make a difference at such a young age.

I’m sure we’ll hear from him plenty more in the future.

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