Stories like this always give me a mix of emotions between sadness and anger, but mostly anger towards the people who think it's okay to mistreat animals.

The Detroit Free Press says that animal control officers in Oakland County were called to do a welfare check at a home in Clarkston this past Tuesday where they discovered 100 animals and 16 were dead.

...82 cats, eight ferrets, five dogs, four rabbits and a bearded dragon living in “highly unsanitary conditions” and reportedly showing signs of illness.

The house had no air conditioning so many of the animals were struggling with heat exhaustion. The home was hotter than what it was outside.

Nine cats were already found dead and the rest of the animals were transported to a vet to be taken care of. Sadly, two of the cats died on the way there and three cats had to be euthanized due to diseases they were carrying.

The Free Press says that a woman and her husband were at the residence and surrendered all the cats, however refused to give up ownership of the other animals that they personally owned. The woman told officers that she was working with a cat rescue to take care of the cats.

All the surviving animals were taken to the Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center.

Oakland County prosecutors are currently reviewing the case and could possibly bring charges against the woman.

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Earlier this year, 19 cats and three dogs were rescued from an "unfit" home in Port Huron.

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