Okay, we gotta help Rudy find a forever home and since I can't have a dog in my place; and I can't even sneak this one in, because he's not good with cats, I have to do the next best - let you know about this adorable guy who's about to turn 4 years old and has been in the Allegan County Animal Shelter for almost a full year! Yeah, A YEAR! WHAT?!

His name is Rudy and he's a labrador retriever and he's been in the shelter for 345 days now.  Allegan Shelter posted on Facebook last week that Rudy's taking it hard, being in the shelter without a family for so long, and starting to become depressed.

He sounds like a great, fun dog, according to the description in the Facebook post,

First of all Rudy likes to play! He likes stuff toys and playing fetch with tennis balls. Rudy likes the water and enjoys splashing in lakes and kiddie pools alike - he isn't picky! Rudy rides awesome in a car; rides to local burger joints are a relaxing time out and about for Rudy. FYI he likes hamburgers but isn't a fan of french fries

Ohmygosh, looking at the pictures, he looks like he's a lot of fun.  I wish I could adopt him because he likes the water, which means I could probably teach him to kayak with me.

The post says he'd be good with kids especially 12 and older but could be trained for younger kids, but they do say he should be the only animal (dog or cat) in the house.

Help us get the word out about Rudy.  His birthday is October 28th and I agree with Allegan Shelter, it would be great to get him a new forever home for his birthday.

Ok, now go share!!!

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