More and more people are living to 100 years old and beyond these days, prompting  a lot of us to wonder: "What's the secret?"

Whether it's consuming raw eggs and staying single or downing three Dr. Peppers a day, each of these impressive old folk has their own method to prolong their lives. There's even a 110-year old in Nebraska who credits his long life to drinking beer.

Well, I don't know if he's single or not, but I might have a lady for him: This 100-year-old who says her secret to long life is "a lot of booze".

Pauline Spagnola from Plains Township, Pennsylvania, celebrated her 100th birthday on Tuesday with friends at the Golden Living East Mountain Center, where she shared her secret to longevity with local news station WNEP.

I agree with the newscaster: I like Pauline too!

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