Hour 1

We started the morning talking about the most recent trailer for the movie Cowboys vs. Aliens. Zane, after seeing the extended trailer, cannot wait to see it! Mickey Rourke called a movie he made that is coming out soon "terrible" while being interviewed last week. He's already trying to backpedal on that. In another similar foot-in-mouth situation, a Philadelphia Phillies pitcher's wife said at a charity event that she hates the fans in Philadelphia because they won't stop bothering them. They don't plan to stay in Philly in the offseason anymore. We're pretty sure that Phillies fans won't appreciate that. A company that manufactures a spray that helps guys stay aroused during sex has named the spray Die Hard. Sears, who sells Die Hard batteries, has a problem with this obviously and wants them to pay up and change the name. Zane met the guy that replaced him as the new "Poorboy" on the Joe and The Poorboy show this weekend. He tried to tell the guy to stop being an anonymous tool and demand that his real name be used.

Hour 2

Zane had another weekend of terrible abdominal pain. He went to the doctor for a physical and they're still not really sure what is causing it. Last Friday, we talked to a guy named Kevin in Albany that was planning to travel to Vegas this weekend to confront the girl he loves and tell her his true feelings. We got an amazing call that told us that this reminded him of the movie Pay it Forward, because that also took place in Las Vegas. We talked about some other movies that this is similar to like Casino, Oceans 11, and Leaving Las Vegas. Ha! Gary Busey was fired from The Apprentice in the last episode. This bummed us out because we won't get any more great incoherent rants from him.

Hour 3

We talked about how there were tornadoes pretty much everywhere this last weekend. A couple hundred touched down in the last few days! After we replayed a portion of the Black Forum from Friday's show, an angry listener called in pissed because we never do a white forum. This was shot down immediately by the five white guys on the show, aka the DAILY WHITE FORUM. We finally got Kevin from Albany on the phone to find out what happened after he flew out to Las Vegas on Friday last week. He managed to find her and they had quite an interaction! Listen to the whole story on the podcast.

Hour 4

We had a bit of cuteness overload this morning. Go to the Video Reel to check out two adorable videos, one of a penguin and one of a polar bear, then vote on the web poll to let us know which one you think is more adorable. You'll watch them over and over again today, guaranteed. In the first FBHW Report, we talked about Nick Cage being arrested this weekend for being drunk and making a scene in front of an apartment he thought was his. It wasn't. It sucks when marriages and relationships don't work out as planned. Some couples are grown up enough to move on in a mature way. Others, however, go cuckoo and do what a woman we talked about this morning did. Let's just say she decided to redecorate her recent ex's place in an alternative way.

Hour 5

Producer Joe's travel schedule is booked pretty solid over the next two weeks. He'll be in Colorado Springs this Wednesday through Sunday, home for 24 hours, then he and Steve leave for London next Monday after the show! Needless to say, it's going to be a crazy few weeks. We talked about the London trip and while we were trying to figure out the ins and outs of Parliament, Alan from Scotland called in to give us some info and tell us how much he loves the show. He, self admittedly, sounded like a combination of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers and Shrek. Talk to you again Tuesday morning!