The WWE is in town this week for an event, so a few weeks ago, we were approached by some of their people to see if we wanted to interview one of the guys to promote the event.  It turns out that the 7’, 441 pound Big Show was the one that would be stopping by the studio!  Now, this guy is literally as big as a doorway.  I’m not sure why, but I fully expected him to walk in to the station wearing his wrestling singlet and possibly chokeslam Dave Kim or JT on his way to the studio.  In that sense, I was a bit disappointed because he came dressed very nicely in a suit.


We wouldn't consider ourselves to be big wrestling fans these days, but all of us grew up on it so it was pretty cool to talk to one of the WWE Superstars about the life of a wrestler, the ins and outs of the business and even personal life.  It was pretty surprising to hear Big Show open up about some things, including his stance on his 14 year old daughter dating.

Seriously.  If this guy is the father of the girl you’re going after, you probably have a death wish.  Why even bother?  Ever go home to meet the parents and encounter something as terrifying as this?