My dog Tucker (or as I like to refer to him as "Mother Tucker")  & I stopped by WZZM 13 "Take 5" to talk Dog Wash.  Unfortunately for Tucker a Take 5 segment had just finished featuring a food segment that sent his sniffing addiction into overdrive. Tuck's high pitched whining was hard to keep under control in the green room once he smelled the Salmon cooking and quieting him around cooking food is a real tough task.

You probably didn't notice but Tucker has a bit of a weight issue.  Personally I don't think it's as much a problem with Tucker over eating as it is my family members constantly sneaking him table scraps.  You see, I had forbade any table scraps be given to the dog. I can't be sure but I now suspect scraps of food are now "accidently" falling to the floor.  Add in that each family member  is probably anaware that the other is involved in the same conspiracy and over time - well, you end up with a fat ass dog that you have to heave in the truck cause his large mass won't allow for a simple climb into the truck. Grrrrr.....

Once in front of the camera though I thought he was a star.  Well, technically he laid down for a nap so as much a star as HE could be.  Kudos to Catherine for delicately approaching the weight issue with a very complimentary "Tucker is a handsome full figured fellow" drawing nary a suspicion of embarrassment from Tucker.

You'll find me & Tuck on Sunday at 5/3rd Ballpark at GRD's "World's Largest Dog Wash". We get started at 10am and don't forget it's also "Take your dog to the Ballpark Day" too.  Get your dog washed and then see a game with him-now that rocks! Stop by and say hi to us....just don't sneak Tucker any more table scraps please.