Hour 1

Gran Turismo 5 comes out today for the Playstation 3 and it looks so incredibly real. We compared this to some of the "cutting edge" video games from when we were kids. It compares in no way. We made an attempt this morning to map out Zane's complicated family tree. Everyone was pretty much lost after he rattled off the first branch and we all immediately gave up.

Hour 2

Preparations are once again being made for Loser Thanksgiving! Zane told us that there will be two turkeys and one ham, totaling 45 pounds of meat! One of our interns, Rape Stache, has now insulted the spouses of two of the employees. It turns out that he went to school with them and when asked if he knew them, makes no attempt to reveal his true feelings for them. Also, we found out that his mom hates it when we make fun of his gay voice. Sorry Mrs. Wethands!

Hour 3

In the Video Reel, you'll see the news story that we watched this morning about some kid who wrote a book saying that heaven is real, based on his near death experience from early in his childhood. It took us about one minute to determine that everything the kid said was completely scripted and he and his father were making the whole thing up. Oprah had another one of her "Favorite Things" episodes yesterday. In the past, she has given her entire audience trips to other countries and cars. This year was no different, as she gave everyone in the audience a brand new VW Beetle. We watched the video of the "Elf on a Shelf" phenomenon that seems to be gaining popularity. Check it out in the Video Reel and let us know how much it creeps you out!

Hour 4

We talked about a few stories of people that are musical savants this morning. In one story, a guy dove into the shallow end of a pool and smacked his head on the bottom of the pool. A few days later, he realized that he could play piano and compose music, having never had any experience with it before! In the FBHW Report, we talked about Brad Childress being fired and also about North Korea's attack on South Korea that happened overnight.

Hour 5

We asked listeners to call in and complete the following statement: On the wedding day, I knew the marriage wouldn't last because __________. We got quite a few calls from people that knew very early on that their marriages were doomed! It was during this segment that Free Beer had his most obvious verbal gaffe of the day when he mispronounced the name Seamus. Bret Michaels performed the National Anthem at the NASCAR race over the weekend and butchered it pretty badly. This was a perfect reason to dust off some of the classic anthem screw-ups from days of old. Be sure to listen tom