Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hour 1

Joe's booth has a tendency to smell a bit from time to time. The issue is, it's always hot as hell in there and he keeps food lying around for weeks at a time. Not a good combo. We talked about the list that was sent to us yesterday of potential guests for tomorrow's appearance on the Dan Patrick Show. We're a bit intimidated! Hot Wings got to work later than usual this morning because of an incident at his house. When he got in his truck this morning and shut the door, his passenger side window blew out! He claimed that this happened because he warmed his car up then let it cool, which happens to every person every day.

Hour 2

Because the show is flying out to CT today to host the Dan Patrick Show, Zane brought up the audio of Rich Eisen calling us "some beer and wings guys". We decided that he's a shock jock whose name will, from now on, be changed to Brutal Eisen. We had great fun throughout the show adding co-hosts and siblings for Brutal. While talking about a 17 year old girl's relationship with an old German man, Hot Wings busted out the long-since heard German accent. He needs to do that every hour of the day. Brett Favre's consecutive game streak finally ended yesterday. He did not start in last night's game against the New York Giants.

Hour 3

A bus driver in Chicago was let go because he ran over a snowman while driving his city bus. A couple of college kids caught it on camera and posted it online. You can see that in the Video Reel. The Jets coach that tripped a Miami Dolphins player on Sunday has been suspended for the rest of the season and fined $25,000. Free Beer may have been the only person in America to think that the punishment was too severe, yet also said that the guy should have been fired. Huh? On a related note, we watched the clip from the 1954 Cotton Bown where Dicky Maegle was tackled from the sideline by Alabama's Tommy Lewis. It's one of the most famous plays in college football history. Check it out in the Video Reel. Free Beer was planning on not buying his wife a gift for Christmas because of an agreement they made. We asked the audience if they thought he was going to get away with this and the reaction was not good. We got Amanda (Free Beer's wife) on the phone. If Free Beer buys her a gift, she wants it to be another cat.

Hour 4

We went over a list of the top Twitter trending topics for 2010. Most of them were pretty easy to guess, but there were a few tough ones. You can see that in the Cool Links section. In an effort to make Jeopardy somewhat relevant again, the two top winners of all time will come back to take on a third opponent. The third opponent, however, will not be another person. They will take on an IBM super computer.

Hour 5

We talked to Michael Lohan on the show this morning, father of troubled celebrity Lindsay Lohan. We had Producer Joe call in on the other line and reunited Michael with "Pink Shirt Guy" from the Lindsay Lohan Double Rainbow Freedom Trip over the summer! We closed the show by reading an article that talked about some veterans that hate it when people say "thank you" for their service in the military. We got a bunch of good calls and emails explaining this stance. Tomorrow's show will be best-of since the guys will be filling in for Dan Patrick. Be sure to listen on one of his affiliates, or check it out on DirecTV channel 101 or any of the Fox SportsNet channels. Talk to you on Thursday morning!