Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hour 1

Snowmaggedon has hit! We were all pretty excited this morning because the greatest snowstorm ever has arrived after much hype. Zane was about an hour late because his car was buried in the driveway and no plows had come down his street yet. We talked early about the US Weekly article that features 25 interesting things you might not know about certain celebrities. Based on this, we tried to come with interesting things about ourselves. While Joe was describing one of his, Hot Wings had a great "I have no idea how to finish this statement" moments.

Hour 2

It's official: our Super Bowl broadcast is officially canceled. The flight was canceled yesterday and Free Beer spent about 3 hours trying to find alternate ways of getting to Dallas to no avail. Levi Johnston's sister said recently that she wants to pose for Playboy. She's not particularly attractive, so we suspect that it's not going to happen.

Hour 3

We got an update on Steve's girlfriend's dad this morning, the Italian-sounding Russian. He called Steve to ask what brand of tires he should get, but asked in a way that only he can. A German guy got a restraining order against his wife because she insisted on having sex with him constantly. He was unable to sleep or go to work. This was a great opportunity for Hot Wings to pull out his German voice, which never fails to entertain! Check out the Cool Links section for the list of myths about "the good old days" that we talked about this morning. They were all shot down. As it turns out, TV's and almost everything else were more expensive, taxes were higher and people were stupider.

Hour 4

We did a second segment on the myths list and got a bunch of listener input on the topic. One woman insisted that we will all have cancer because of processed foods. We read about a homeless couple in Green Bay that won an all expense paid trip to the Super Bowl through some contest through the tourism department. Producer Joe managed to track them down at the homeless shelter they were staying at and we talked to the guy for a little bit. It turns out the one thing they are looking forward to in Dallas is getting to bang around, since they're not allowed to do it while in the shelter!

Hour 5

In the Cool Links section, you'll see the news story that we talked about this morning about the woman in Atlanta that thinks growing her fingernails is a talent that she got from God. She also believes that this will make her famous one day. She is a very stupid woman. Some of the radio prep services sent out a bunch of snow-related hilarious bits and parody songs about the blizzard. We played a few of these and talked about how much it must suck to have to depend on these for show content...oh wait. We closed the show with a list of the most hated people in professional sports. Talk to you on Thursday morning.