Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hour 1

Zane talked this morning about the running club that he is leading up. Each week, they have different themes for their runs. This week, the theme is the 70's, so he's trying to find a leisure suit to run in. The new currency in prison apparently is honey buns. We learned that they are used to sweeten wine that is made by prisoners. This somehow got us on the topic of reindeer racing in Norway and how we want to send Producer Joe there for a stunt.

Hour 2

Free Beer was taking his dog to the vet yesterday and noticed UPS had delivered a box to his house. It ended up being a gift from the guy that runs the syndication, Peter. It was a blown-up picture of the guys in the studio on the Dan Patrick Show from last month. Hot Wings' drink armada is growing! He's sick as a dog so he is drinking all kinds of tonics and elixirs to feel better. Joe came in today looking a bit different than when he left yesterday. Free Beer described him as looking like he had an "1850s Teamster" mustache yesterday. He was beaten up pretty badly for this completely made up reference. Steve told us today that he essentially had to babysit his neglectful neighbor's seventh grade daughter yesterday when she was locked out of her house. This turned bad quickly. Check out the Cool Links section to see the photo of the woman who somehow survived a 23 floor drop from a window. It's pretty crazy. We talk about the woman that took a dive from 23 stories up and lived after landing on a car. It's pretty crazy.

Hour 3

We talked to our old friend Larry the Cable Guy today about a variety of things, including his upcoming show in Nashville. You can hear that on the Interviews page. Because of Free Beer's most recent verbal screw up, we decided to dedicate an entire break to all of the ones that have stood out to us recently. He just sat quietly and took the abuse. In the Cool Links section, you'll see a list we talked about this morning of the top six game show fail moments of all time. One in particular stood out to us and had to really suck for that person.

Hour 4

We talked this morning about a cop that caught a kid at a fast food restaurant trying to put pubes on his sandwich. It must be a real pain if you're a cop and have to constantly check food before you eat it. In the FBHW Report, we played Antonio Cromartie's comments on the possibility of an NFL player's strike, as well as the audio of the OSU athletes singing Party in the USA. Both are awful, but worth viewing in the Video Reel. Zane played us a couple of clips that he recorded of his daughter going bonkers because Zane was scooping her ice cream, not his wife. This proved once again how females are not wired correctly from a young age.

Hour 5

The latest beat-up on our new intern, Monchichi, focused on his inability to answer a phone and type with both hands at the same time. He would hold the phone in one hand and hunt and peck with the other. The nominees for Oscars and Razzie's were announced yesterday, so we went over both lists. We haven't seen 90% of the movies on the lists so it made it a bit difficult. Free Beer had an awful mustache reference last Friday during a live broadcast that we just realized we had a recording of. He compared Steve's mustache to that of the boyfriend in some chick flick that he saw. We closed the show with what we learned today. Talk to you on Wednesday.