Hour 1

We started the morning by talking about stupid government regulations. This transitioned in to talking about a list that some nerd put together of ridiculous things that you could buy with our national debt. We talked about Anne Hathaway (Catwoman) and Tom Hardy (Bane) and how they will be the villains in the next Batman movie. Orlando Bloom and some of the actors that were in the Lord of the Rings movies will be paid more for brief cameos in The Hobbit movie than the actors that will star in the film. That must be a kick in the balls!

Hour 2

Free Beer told us this morning that he watched a Disney nature special last night and how much of a bummer it was. They seemed to follow every cute scene with one of morbid death. We found a website that has archived video from the year of your birth. It was a lot of fun to go through and find the TV commercials that were on the air for our first cars. During this segment, Free Beer tried feebly to insult Hot Wings' dad by suggesting that he designed the awful Camaro of the 80's. We got an email from a listener who, like us, advocates punching old people in the face for being stupid. He was on a date with a chick and some old bag walked up and ruined their conversation. We talked about how clueless old people can be when talking to normal people.

Hour 3

We checked out the trailer for the movie Rubber this morning. With a name like that, the movie could be about anything. Unfortunately, the move is about a killer tire. Check out the awful trailer in the Video Reel. We went over an article this morning that gave a scientific explanation about impulse purchases. It says that if your last name starts with a letter that is toward the end of the alphabet, you are more prone to make impulse purchases. Zane agreed, so we discussed his numerous impulse buys. Go to the Cool Links section to see recent pictures of Al Davis. He looks like a leper that will die any second. American Idol kicked off last night with their cast of new judges, including a molesty Steven Tyler. It was during this segment that Hot Wings busted out his newest contribution to the English language, the term "rock your pelvis". Good one.

Hour 4

Hot Wings' comment from the previous segment reminded us of another Hot Wings-ism, the infamous "renegade your pants" line from a few years back. We gave an update on the woman that fell into a fountain at the mall while texting. She's being fussy and is trying to sue everyone that laughed at her. During What Hot Wings Thinks, Hot Wings talked about his hate for specific unions that push for higher wages for meaningless jobs. He took a bunch of heat from that, so we spent an entire segment taking calls and reading emails about the subject. In the FBHW Report, we talked about how Rush Limbaugh is in hot water for showing off his "Chinese voice" on his radio show recently. We also played the trailer for Lebron James' new show, The Lebrons. You can see that in the Video Reel.

Hour 5

Free Beer had his latest word scramble during the show this morning. He was trying to say the name Sylvester Stallone, but it didn't come out quite right. Zane lashed out this morning at our show syndicator because he emailed him four times in two hours about sending in updated P90X photos. We quickly piled on Zane, though, because of his most recent pictures on our website. He looks like he dove in to a pool of baby oil before taking the pictures. We closed the show with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $3,200. Talk to you on Friday.