Hour 1

We started the morning by going over a list of the most beloved celebrities on television from 2010. Of course, some of them didn't really fit the list. Check out the Cool Links section to see the yacht that we talked about this morning that costs a billion dollars. During this segment, Zane had a great not listening moment where he asked two questions that Free Beer had just given the answers to.

Hour 2

American Idol begins tonight with all of the new judges. We wondered how the show will be with Steven "senior citizen" Tyler and Jennifer "cant actually sing" Lopez. Just after coming back from the break and playing the audio of Zane not listening, Hot Wings mocked Zane and said that he loves when that happens to anyone but him. Just moments later, he had his own not listening episode while we were talking about an Ohio State professor that built an amazing Lego version of Ohio stadium. Immediately after Free Beer described some of the details of the stadium, Hot Wings repeated them right back! We got an email from a listener asking for our help because he's addicted to World of Warcraft. During this conversation, we started to talk about the new school slot machines and how the imagery is very similar to WOW, with different creatures flashing across the screen. While describing the characters, Free Beer accidentally described something incorrectly and used a racial slur.

Hour 3

Scientists say that they have discovered time travel. However, their description of it is so confusing that none of us can wrap our heads around it. A surf shop in California is taking a lot of heat because they had a Martin Luther King Jr. Day sale. So what's the big deal? Their ad pictured MLK in a wetsuit and the sale was for 20% off all black merchandise! Would you spend a week in jail for a lifetime of having the perfect body? We asked women to call in and answer that question this morning. Steve told us about an awkward interaction he had with a listener during this segment when he said to the caller "We're only looking for female callers". The response? "I am a woman". Ouch!

Hour 4

We watched another video of a young pageant girl performing her act on the show The Talk. It was super awkward because she talks about shaking her ass in the song. Check it out in the Video Reel and be creeped out like we were! In today's FBHW Report, we talked about the "celebrity" deaths from yesterday, as well as Regis announcing his retirement. A masseuse from the Minnesota Vikings is now alleging that Brett Favre sent her a bunch of text messages with sexual undertones over the last few years. This reminded us of a great Producer Joe stunt where he got a massage from a dude, so we pulled out and replayed some classic clips from that stunt.

Hour 5

We talked about the Dallas-based Def Leppard tribute band this morning that is searching for a new drummer. The catch is, they only want a one-armed drummer! We closed the show by going over a list of the six ways that your doctor could be killing you while you're in the hospital. While talking about Zane's wife waking up during surgery and feeling the doctor sawing into her, Hot Wings decides to "Winslow out" on us and do some mouth sound effects. They were awful. Talk to you tomorrow!