Hour 1

Zane came in this morning claiming that he has been injuring himself in his sleep quite a bit lately. Today, he thought that he broke his arm while sleeping. He also talked about how broken he was after his half marathon and how he is still feeling the effects. Also, the awfulness of the rides at Disney World was talked about. Free Beer had a big screw-up in the office yesterday. He left copies of our newly signed contract lying on the printer for about 6 hours. While talking about the awkwardness that could come of it, he took a nice stroll down memory lane and told us about some of his former co-workers, who all seemed to have stupid names (more so than "Free Beer").

Hour 2

Hot Wings' power went out yesterday while he was taking a poo. For some reason, this bothered him a great deal because he was suddenly afraid that he wouldn't be able to wipe adequately. We pointed out that this was not really that big of a deal because you can probably guess that 3 or 4 wipes would suffice. Zane told him to get a generator and wire it in to the impressive "nerve center" in his house. This led to talk about how awful Zane's house is and how he is looking forward to ripping off a first-time homeowner when he sells it. The season premier of Jersey Shore pulled in 8 million viewers! The ugliness of Snooki was discussed on multiple occasions this morning. We talked about the NFL labor dispute and how the league wants more games added to the schedule and the players want better health care.

Hour 3

We followed up on the story we talked about yesterday of Stephanie Seymour and her son and the pictures that made them look like they were lovers. Her son basically said that it's cool because he's super gay. A group of kids in NJ were busted for writing their names in cement and given a $250 fine. All of the parents paid up, except one family. The 11 year old daughter will now go in front of a judge for her "crime". We took a bunch of calls on whether or not this was right. Zane had a major incident at the gym over vacation. A meat-head was creeping out his wife with his rapey stares. Zane confronted the dude, but was thrown off track when the guy said he was staring at his wife, who was on a treadmill in the same direction as Diana! Zane is now a little unsure of what to do.

Hour 4

We took a bunch of calls from listeners about whether or not Zane should confront the guy at the gym again or not. Take the web poll and let us know what you think! In today's FBHW Report, we gave an update on the homeless dude with the Golden Voice and also talked about how Arizona won't let people protest funerals. We got a letter while on vacation addressed to "Dave and Zane" from a church congregation in Wyoming. Apparently, word had gotten to them about the Holiday Break-ins and they somehow knew someone that we had helped.

Hour 5

We talked about an awful story this morning where a ferret bit all of the tiny fingers off of a 6 month old baby. Based on this, we believe that all ferret owners and ferrets must be exterminated. We got show conspiracy theorist and connoisseur of anything ferret-related Bishop on the phone to talk about the story. He's a ferret owner and no one was surprised. We closed the show by playing the audio from more awfully-produced local TV commercials. You can check them out in the Cool Links section.