Hour 1

Zane and his oldest daughter Jackie battled yesterday over her constant gum-smacking. It escalated so much that her phone was taken away and door slamming ensued! The battle raged on until Zane finally got the "sorry" he was looking for and she got her phone back. The season finale of The Walking Dead is coming up. If you haven't watched it yet, definitely check it out!

Hour 2

Producer Joe and Butthead Lautner are back this morning after their voyage to Akron, Ohio. We talked later in the show about some of their adventures. Apparently while they were dropping off the car for Jacqueline, they encountered a few issues that slowed down their return just a bit! Check out the Video Reel for the news story that we talked about this morning about the prison inmate that was able to escape by somehow squeezing himself through the bars of his cell. We're not sure how this is possible at all.

Hour 3

We went over a list from Esquire Magazine that detailed the various things that contain caffeine and the ridiculous amounts of said items it would take to kill you. Needless to say, no one is in danger of dying from a caffeine overdose anytime soon.

Hour 4

Zane talked this morning about a show he has seen a couple of episodes of the show Freaky Eaters on TLC. One girl eats about a half a ton of French fries every year! This brought up some conversation about an article we read that stated how food, in certain types of people, can trigger the same brain pleasure sensors as drugs! In today's FBHW Report, we talked about the supposed nude photos of Miley Cyrus that have been leaked on to the internet. We closed the hour by talking about the crazy kitchen wars that are going on in our office, as well as calls from people about their stupid work rules.

Hour 5

We played a fun game this morning called Celebrity Virginity Price Is Right. Free Beer mentioned celebrity names and we had to guess at what age they lost their virginity. Hot Wings saw an uncomfortable post on Facebook yesterday that probably shouldn't have been posted. A high school friend of his posted that she had just found out that her husband was cheating on her! What the hell?! We closed the show the same way we do every Friday, with a round of Name That Blank. Talk to you on Monday!