Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hour 1

Zane was late for the start of the show this morning because he was once again pulled over on his way to work. This time, he was going 17 MPH over the speed limit! We estimated that he has been pulled over about 10 times on his way to the show. In the next segment, we realized that we got an email from the cop that pulled Zane over. He said that he saved him 4 points and $130. Being grateful, Zane did some impromptu PSA's for the Police Athletic League.

Hour 2

During the CWTTAB segment, Martina called in to talk about her inconsiderate husband who, while sick, still refuses to stop drinking straight from the carton of OJ and spreading his germs in other gross ways. Zane started to form a plan of giving the slob a call, but could not form a sentence and had a verbal meltdown. We got an email from Joe in Brick, NJ who for some reason wanted to challenge Hot Wings to a boxing match. If he won, he would get a chance to guest host the show for one week. This was a great idea, except for the part where he typed it up and sent it in to us. This was the worst idea we've ever heard. Check out the Cool Links section for a list of the 15 quirkiest news stories from 2010. We all agreed that the smoking baby should top the list!

Hour 3

Brett Favre suffered a concussion last night and left the game. His press conference after the loss to the Bears was filled with quite a bit of sad sacki-ness. We're pretty sure he's done for good at this point. With Christmas just days away, we played a super special edition of QUADSMASH, but called it CHRISTMAS-SMASH!

Hour 4

Because Dominick the Donkey was one of the songs in CHRISTMAS-SMASH, we got people to do the annual "lights off, lights on" whenever the "hee-haw" part of the song came up. Jay called us to let us know that he saw a guy drive off the road after doing this but because he repeated himself, we got him to tell us the same story about 30 times. We played the CBS news story this morning about the newest type of terror plots that may target our food supply. We closed out the hour with the last round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia in 2010, worth $2,400 from Cat Footwear.

Hour 5

A mother ripped off her daughter in law's nipple in a crazy altercation. Based on this, we took calls from people that have had fist fights with loved ones. Zane told us that he has this urge every time he's around his family. In the FBHW Report this morning, we talked about the offer that was made to Mark Wahberg and Will Smith to fight in a celebrity boxing match, as well as the New York Jets player being sued over throwing a snowball at a fan in 2008. We closed the show with Producer Joe's second favorite stunt from 2010 when he went to Gary, Indiana on the 1 year anniversary of Michael Jackson's Death. Be sure to listen tomorrow morning for the 9th Annual Free Beer and Hot Wings Holiday Break-ins! It'll be our last live show of 2010.