Michigan lawmakers are hoping to clear up some confusing issues with a package of bills to amend the medical marijuana act of 2008.   Specifically what a “bona fide physician-patient relationship” entails.  We figured we have a marijuana "go to" guy on staff in WGRD Saturday Night DJ Stoner Andy so we had a GRD intern sit him down and fire off a few questions his way on the topic.

GRD Intern: "ah...gee Stoner Andy what do you think...um...about the changes proposed by the um, Michigan legislature to the state of Michigan's current Medical Marijuana laws?"

Stoner Andy: "Here's the thing man...right now I mean, it's real easy to show people where they are at in the state (Stoner Andy holds up left hand to demonstrate the state of Michigan) I mean...say I wanted to get to that Holland...you know cause they got that Amsterdam Dam (laughs) thing that kind of has the red lights around it....I mean I would just (runs the index finger of his opposite hand across palm of his left hand) head up this way....and then.......well you don't wanna change that man cause lots of Michigan people would get real lost."

Confused GRD Intern: "um....ok.  Can give us a clearer picture of um...the client-patient relationship that takes place um...when one is need of professional services for medical marijuana?"

Stoner Andy: "Whoa dude.  I'm not rattin' anybody out.  I mean, my buddy motorhead dissed this chick on the facey-space one time and like...the whole world was all about raining down on him...heck man, even his mom was like "if you don't get a job soon your outta here"....wait, that was another fight motorhead got into with his mom....sorry....hey man, you gonna eat that?" - points at crumb cake left over from a station birthday celebration earlier in the day.

GRD Intern: Oh, no go ahead.  One more question.  Um, how do you think those in need of medical marijuana will react IF and WHEN the proposed changes take place?

Stoner Andy: With crumb cake falling out of his mouth " Lissen man, I'm not sure what you're gettin at here with all this depo-sission stuff...but I'm gonna flat out tell ya...it ain't cool to keep good weed from good people....that's all I'm gonna say about that."

GRD Intern: Um ok, great, Thanks for the time.

Stoner Andy: in hushed tone "Hey man....do you know where I can get my hands on..you know... the good stuff??

GRD Intern: Um...I have to get to class. Good luck with that.

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