This installment of Cosplay of the Week is a little different since we're featuring a comic book/animated film character, namely Wasp from 'Ultimate Avengers.' But the costume and the look was so spot on that we had to feature her.

Wasp was one of the original Avengers and is featured with a new look in the film, 'Ultimate Avengers.' She's got the power to shrink her size and fly around thanks to the use of her wings.

Here's Phoenix-based cosplayer Sara Moni in her very striking portrayal of Wasp.

She describes Marvel as being her first love, so it's not a surprise that she'd choose to cosplay as characters such as Wasp, Polaris and Psylocke. With regard to her decision to cosplay Wasp, she said, "I chose to cosplay Miss Janet because she is smart, sassy, and one of the original Avengers. The ultimate version of Wasp is my absolute favorite character design and because I think she looks a lot like me, I had to represent her and do the costume justice!"

Sara Moni opted for strapless wings after messing around with a harness in the original design, which included part of masonry ladder that was welded to some metal and secured with a strap. She said that it looked nice, but was ultimately too heavy. Luckily, she was able to find some cold rolled steel of a smaller gauge and used that instead.

Continuing with the wings, there's wire welded to a metal pieced that is secured to the rest of the construct thanks to some acrylic backing, which in turn is covered in industrial Velcro. Sounds pretty heavy-duty. The entire thing is sewn into the suit and is covered with reinforced spandex in order to hold it up while still remaining lightweight. She also said that the S.H.I.E.L.D. logos were laser-cut by a friend of hers from Skull Fracture Designs.

You can check out her work and the rest of her cosplay outfits on her Facebook page. Show some love for an amazing cosplayer! All images were shot by Ryan Leasure, whose portfolio you can find here.

Ryan Leasure
Ryan Leasure
Ryan Leasure