We talk a lot here about how mixed martial arts and the UFC have slowly worked its way into the American mainstream and public acceptance over the course of the past few years. Network television deals have been coupled with more state legislatures agreeing to allow the sport to take place in its arenas. There is nothing more American than a commercial though. Not just any commercial, one for The King of Beers, Budweiser.

Few things ring truer for television and commercial viewers than beer and food. Think about it, nobody cares about new leasing terms on a vehicle you are not looking to buy. But a good advertisement about food or beer and you have America's attention. Make that a beer commercial WITH fighting and historically badass celebrities? We'll speak for America when we say hell yeah!

Hence this ad, featuring possibly the most prominent face in all of mixed martial arts, Anderson Silva. That alone would be pretty cool for UFC fans to see, but throw in direct-to-DVD all star Steven Seagal and you have yourselves a legitimate bid for best thing of all time. Ever.

As you can see, the video is titled "The Great Preparation" which means there should probably be more of these in the future answering the pressing question of who will win the duel for the beer?

With odes to The Karate Kid's classic scene as well as a nod to the numerous infamous Rocky training scenes in that series, the commercial has a little bit of it all...except for any actual fighting.

It is still pretty cool to see the little sport that could sign these major marketing deals with companies like Budweiser and continue to extend its reach to the American and worldwide public.

What say you? Who should win the duel now that The Great Preparation is complete? Silva or Seagal? Sound off below!