Hour 1

We started the show by talking about smoker's cravings and how great it is when you go in to a casino and it's filled with smoke. We talked about the people in casinos in general and how pathetic their lives are. The topic of smoking and cravings was brought up because of a story in the news where a man that robbed a place ran from the cops and hid in the vents of an office building. He had all but gotten away with the crime and the cops were ready to give up looking for him, but he was caught because he couldn't resist the urge to light up a cigarette. This gave away his hiding place.

Hour 2

Zane came in this morning dressed for St. Patrick's Day. He's wearing green suspenders and a green pimp hat with a feather in it. You can see him putting on his costume in the Show Meeting video from today. We played the audio of Jalen Rose's comments on the ESPN documentary on the Fab 5 that aired a few days ago. He basically said that he was pissed at Duke players because they had better upbringings. Former Duke player Grant Hill chimed in and commented on Rose's quotes. We got a fussy email yesterday from some dick that accused us of stealing a "bit" that was actually a viral video from a few years ago. Free Beer put him in his place quickly.

Hour 3

We got an update from Hot Wings about the doctor debate from yesterday. His doctor has a rich history of giving prostate exams to people that are far too young to receive them. We talked to Joe's uncle yesterday, who is a doctor, and he said that there was absolutely no reason for it. Andrew Dice Clay decided to make some comments recently on the whole Charlie Sheen situation. He basically said that Sheen is a big loser and he is in no way "winning" because his kids were taken away and he's living with a couple of porn star hags. We played the audio from a news story about a priest that ruined a funeral for a family. He was seen hurrying the whole thing along so much so that the eulogy had to be finished at the gravesite.

Hour 4

Zane stepped in a pile of S pretty badly last night while doing in-house PA for the minor league hockey team. He was making the announcement that a guy was riding on the Zamboni during the intermission. The game ops guy, however, failed to give Zane a key piece of information about the guy that would have been very useful to him. We played some audio of Rush Limbaugh from his show yesterday and the comments he made about the Japan disaster. Out of context, it sounded pretty bad so we had listeners call in and try and defend him. We closed the hour with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $3,200 from our friends at Cat Footwear.

Hour 5

We played the hot new track that is tearing up the charts (not really) that is a cover of Cee Lo's F@#* You by a Christian band. You can listen to that in the Video Reel. We also played the audio of a dude that was in jail in a holding cell and managed to call 911 to report the cops for locking him up. You can check out that story and listen to the audio in the Cool Links section. Four or five players for the LA Clippers decided to chip in and pay the $70,000 for their coach's surgery for pancreatic cancer. The team decided that their health coverage would not cover it, so the team helped him out. We closed the show by playing more of Andrew Dice Clay's comments on Charlie Sheen, as well as some of The Situation's unaired jokes from the Trump roast. Talk to you Friday morning!