Hour 1

Free Beer told us about a special he watched last night on producer Jerry Winetraub. The dude was so ahead of his time and pretty much revolutionized the industry. It followed his career and some of the crazy moves he made to get to the top. We read one of those articles this morning that tried to put the national debt in to perspective. Of course, since the dollar amount is so ridiculously high, it completely blew our minds.

Hour 2

We talked a bit this morning about the crazy weather from the weekend, including the tornados that devastated Joplin, MO. Listener Jimbo called in to get some advice about his current relationship. He's in the middle of a divorce and was not sure how to handle the relationship with his stepchild. The big news over the weekend was that Macho Man Randy Savage had died in a car accident. We took the opportunity to play some of his classic Slim Jim commercials and great wrestling promos from back in the day. It came up over the weekend that former intern Butthead Lautner may have a crush on Zane's 14 year old daughter. This, of course, has sent Zane's world all topsy-turvy.

Hour 3

We listened to some audio of Ray Lewis commenting on the NFL lockout. He seemed really intense about everything he was talking about. He made a pretty ridiculous prediction of what would happen if the lockout continued and, surprisingly, a bunch of listeners called in to agree with him. Wasn't there supposed to be a rapture on Saturday? We talked a bit about how the whole Family Radio organization is "baffled and confused" that nothing happened. Is anyone really surprised? A man bought a house recently and after closing, he found $45,000 in the attic. We asked listeners to call in and let us know if they would keep the money or give it back. You can take the web poll now and let us know what you would do.

Hour 4

Katy Perry's concert rider was released recently and it had some odd things on it. She requests that only a certain kind of flowers be in her dressing room and that her people are allowed to sell tickets to secondhand ticket brokers. This will probably piss off a bunch of her fans. In the FBHW Report, we played the audio of ESPN's Doris Burke not knowing she was live on the air and also audio of Jessica Alba talking about hypno-birthing. There are some updates on the Lance Armstrong blood doping story. It was discussed last night on 60 Minutes and it turns out that an investigation into a suspicious urine test from a few years ago was ordered to "go no further". Things aren't looking good for Lance.

Hour 5

We talked once again about how the rapture did not happen on Saturday like it was supposed to, according to the idiot that runs Family Radio. We took calls from some listeners that were supposedly nervous that something was going to happen. We closed the show by checking out a video, which you can see in the Video Reel, about the fattest teenager in the world. We discussed how this absolutely had to be considered child abuse. Talk to you Tuesday morning!