The 4:20 Hit Of The Day is an opportunity each weekday afternoon at 4:20 to dig into the GRD archives and play a song you maybe haven’t heard on GRD in a while, or a song you’ve never heard on GRD before, or a brand new song you want to hear more of.  Send your suggestions to SHAFFEE.

This past week, every 4:20 Hit Of The Day was a new song.  Here is a review...

MONDAY - "Came Back Haunted" by Nine Inch Nails from their forthcoming studio album, Hesitation Marks, due out September 3rd.

TUESDAY - "Halfway There" by Soundgarden from their latest album, King Animal.

WEDNESDAY - "Deal With The Devil" by Pop Evil from last month's release, Onyx.

THURSDAY - "Sick Of It" by Skillet from their new album, Rise, due June 25th.

FRIDAY - "You Think You Know" from the debut album from Device.