Demanding Bride’s Bridesmaid Email Goes Viral (Again)
A bride-to-be whose name hasn't been revealed emailed out a lengthy missive to her ten potential bridesmaids, telling them exactly what would be required of them if they accepted her invitation to be in her wedding party. The demands were so outrageous, causing it to go viral.
Jackie Has Some Wedding Fun
You may remember yesterday I got ready in the studio for a wedding. Hair, makeup, the whole shebang! The wedding was a great time and I even managed to get there on time!
Jackie’s Rant On Weddings
For those of you who don't know, I am getting married! Next week actually. I stumbled upon some wedding superstitions that apparently make or break a marriage and I got a tad freaked out... If these are true my marriage is doomed! Listen below!
Wedding Photo Booth Problems
I am getting married in 2 short weeks! It's an exciting, stressful, fun time here. Photo booths are always a novelty at weddings that I think are pretty darn cool, the catch is when something like this happens. Does this picture make you feel sad or just want to punch this pathetic guy? I k…