Knotfest Day 1 Online Stream Is Done Get Ready for Day 2 Today
Yesterday was day 1 of Knotfest, and the band announced recently that they were going to livestream the weekend.  Day 1 is done, but you still can watch day 2 here!
So, I jumped on last night, to see what was going on in California for the big show.  I'm a huge concert fan, and love me a lot of metal…
Chuck Billy of Testament Joins Full Metal Jackie This Sunday!
Join Full Metal Jackie this Sunday as she will be joined by Chuck Billy of Testament!
Listen in for new music from KILLER BE KILLER & EYEHATEGOD. Also another edition of JASTA’S WEEKLY PICK FROM THE PIT with JAMEY JASTA and a member of Dethklok will be checking in for the DETHKLOK BRUTA…

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