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News About ‘Sleeping Beauty (Somewhere In Time)’
Check this out! A little news about "Sleeping Beauty (Somehere In Time."
I am so excited for this Circle Theatre upcoming show. I love children's theatre. Performing for the kids can be so fun. I think the cool thing about this show is that it's not just for little kids; it's actually ent…
Sleeping Beauty Opens Next Week!
It's finally here, Sleeping Beauty at Circle Theater. I'm so excited to be involved in this fantastic show! If you are interested in bringing the family out to a super fun show check us out we open Wednesday and run though Sunday!
Jackie’s In ‘A Sleeping Beauty’ at Circle Theatre
We started rehearsal for "A Sleeping Beauty Somewhere in Time" a few weeks ago, and I had to share an update.
In the new version of "Sleeping Beauty," I play Malestrom, the chaos fairy that most people identify as Maleficent.
The show is being held by Circle Theatre…
Jackie Cast In ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at Circle Theatre
This past weekend was the big audition weekend at Circle Theatre Grand Rapids.
Every year, Circle Theatre has an entire weekend dedicated to auditions. The don't just audition one show that is coming up; they audition all of their shows for the entire season in one weekend.
I am very happy th…