Brutally Honest 4-Year-Old Has Better Insults Than You Do [Video]
Kids can be evil. I know some people will disagree: "Oh! How can you say that? Kids are wonderful beautiful creatures! And bla bla bla..." But let's be honest. Sometimes, kids are little shits.
Like the 4-year-old girl in this video, slinging insults at her mom like a forked-tongue demon. W…
Mother of Sandy Hook Victim Writes Powerful Letter to Teachers
The mother of one of the 26 victims of 2012's Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has written a powerful letter to the teachers of America.
Nebla Marquez-Greene had two children attending Sandy Hook Elementary that day. Her daughter, 6-year-old Ana Grace, was killed in the Connecticut massacre, an…
From The Bar Stool: How to Torture And Almost Kill Your Mother!
I'm no stranger to weird nights drinking at various Grand Rapids establishments and I hear a ton of messed up crap! This is one of those tales. It's another edition of From the Bar Stool. So before I start this one, let me just say the dudes I was drinking with last week told me the cops said they d…
How To Teach Your Mom To Smuggle Cocaine In Her Butt
Ok guys....if you go to jail, you cannot ask your mother to stick drugs in her butt and smuggle them into jail for you....haha....thats just not something you ask your mother to do!!   Meet the coke mom jail butt smuggler here….