Military Personnel & Veterans! Go See ‘Fury’ Today for FREE!
Today is veterans day, a day we honor the brave men & women who have sacrificed so much to make sure our lives can be lived freely!
Celebration Cinema wants to welcome all Military Personnel & Veterans to any of their locations and see the movie 'Fury' for absolutely free TO…
U.S. Military Actually Has a Zombie Apocalypse Plan!
This is not a joke, this is not a test!  The U.S. Military has plans sitting around for pretty much every contingency: kidnapped president, nuclear war, insect invasion, alien invasion and plant apocalypse. OK, maybe not the plant thing, but they could!
It turns out that they also have a very real pl…
Helicopter Shot Down in Afghanistan
Editor's Note: This post has been updated to reflect that 30 American troops were killed in the attack, rather than 31, as initially reported.
Taliban insurgents shot down an American military helicopter in Afghanistan Saturday, killing 30 American troops, 7 Afghan commandos, and an interpreter …