Kid Disses Cheating Girlfriend In Hilarious Texts
All right: This kid is funny. Meet "Bobby Light," or as his Twitter handles call him, KaneZipperman.
Kane's girlfriend decided to screw around behind his back. When she came clean and begged for forgiveness, he answered all of her texts with pictures and memes...
Funny Baby Crying Image Gallery
I don't know who this guy is but he made a gallery of his kids crying, and then labeled them. It got a chuckle out of me so I thought I'd share!
Meme Monday With Jackie
Today's "Meme Monday" is one that I think many of our listeners can identify with... the social network share button. Now gentlemen, I think the porn site thing is more up your alley but I definitely can identify with the whole, "I'm looking at something embarras…
Meme Monday With Jackie
Alright today's meme is all about how we are in an awful time of year here. It's November which means apparently it's now Christmas. Oh wait, no that's not til the end of December, yet everywhere I go it's Christmas city! Anyway for today's "Meme Monday&…