Dave Grohl, Curses Out Then Boots Fighting Fan At London Show [VIDEO]
It seems like there is always one guy at every rock show who just doesn't play well with others. While the rest of the crowd is dancing and trying to have a good time, there will always be one guy kicking the air and throwing random hay-makers.
This is how fights tend to start and Dave Grohl doe…
Producer Joe’s British Invasion Day 4 [VIDEO]
Producer Joe’s World Stunt Tour rolls on! As you read this, producer Joe and Steve are in London participating in the festivities for the Royal Wedding.  The goal is simple, get into the wedding. Since everyone knows that will never happen, Joe will do his best to be in front of as many cameras as p…
Lady Gaga sues over Breast Milk Ice Cream!
Apparently Lady Gaga isn't "Gaga" over the controversial Breast Milk Ice Cream, but why is she suieng over breast milk ice cream?
The ice cream is named, "BABY GAGA."
Anyway, she's pretty pissed about it so she is going to sue the creator's ice cream …
Muse To Record New Album This Year
U.K. rockers Muse revealed that they will start recording their new album this year in London.  It will also be the first time all the band members have lived in the same place in 12 years.
Breast Milk Ice Cream!
Get this guys... you'll never believe it but breast milk ice cream is no longer available in England!  I know what an outrage!  Local authorities in London have pulled this unusual ice cream concoction  in response to public complaints over whether the shop should be selling edib…