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FBHW ON WZZM 13 – China Toddler Fall From Window [VIDEO]
By now you've seen the video of the toddler from China who fell out of a five story building and (almost) into the arms of a group of postal carriers. The stunning video is only made better by the commentary from the guys - watch and laugh.
FBHW On WZZM 13 – Jeep vs Pool [VIDEO]
The guys discuss with Lauren and Derek a great video here of a couple of dudes attempting to destroy an above ground pool by ramming it with a Jeep. Nobody can believe the stunning results.
FBHW On WZZM 13 – Mangled Star Banner [VIDEO]
Every time you think you've heard the worst version of the Star Spangled Banner ever performed, along comes another. Watch as the guys and the ZZM crew try real hard to not wince as a Jazz Singer belts out her take on our country's beloved song...
FBHW On WZZM 13 – Top 5 Dying Jobs
The Top 5 dying jobs was discussed. Is your job a dying job? Find out by watching the video and bet you'll be surprised to find out the number 2 dying job in America!
FBHW On WZZM 13 – 30 Years Since MJ’s Moonwalk [VIDEO]
Michael Jackson whipped out his famous "moonwalk" dance 30 years ago and gets the crew reminiscing. Lauren remembers dancing to MJ songs at school dance recitals - Find out what unpopular genre of music and dance Free Beer was really into during his 4th grade music class...
FBHW On WZZM 13 – “Forgotten Prisoner” [VIDEO]
Can a guy get "forgotten" in jail? The guys discuss with the WZZM team the story of a dude who appears to have been arrested, jailed and then forgotten in jail. It's reported he pulled his own tooth and was left forgotten in solitaire for days at a time...
FBHW On WZZM 13 – Geico Pig Ad Bad?
Does the Geico Pig ad lead to beastilaity? According to some sensitive consumer groups it does. Watch as the guys break down the absurdity of the premise and give their take on why Geico ads don't work.
FBHW On WZZM 13 “Weather Whisperer” [VIDEO]
A weather man somewhere in Mississippi decides it's better to "whisper" his way through a weather forecast versus calling in sick. That of course leads to great stories from the team about their "supposed" sick days. Watch and learn from the masters...
FBHW On WZZM 13 – McCain vs. Amash on Twitter [VIDEO]
John McCain refers to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a monkey in space and Republican Rep. Justin Amash doesn't like it, calling McCain a "racist". Whats harder to believe, the fact that McCain is racist or the fact at his age, he can even use twitter...

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