dopey challenge

Jackie Races the Dopey Challenge: Part 3
Wow. It took me awhile to get to this one: Part 3 of my Dopey Challenge saga.
Why you ask?
Well, I really crashed and burned in Part 3, where I ran the half marathon at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.
If you aren't familiar with half marathons, that is 13.1 miles. Not to sound like I just go…
Jackie Races The Dopey Challenge: Part 1
Whew! It has been a long, long week for me folks.
You, perhaps, heard me Monday on air sounding a tad hoarse.
Well, I ended up having to go to the hospital for a super bad case of strep throat! Yuk!
It was awful, and I didn't know adults still got sick like that. I thought that was like a kid th…