Callie Cosplay

Awesome X-Men Cosplay
Once again I bring to you the infamous Callie Cosplay! Callie is amazing at her craft, check out these photos from her rendition of Mystique from X-Men... it is spot on my friends! And I am loving the amazing photography from David Love Photography.
Cosplay Girl Does “Dexter” Photo Shoot
I shared Callie Cosplay's "Horror Film Tribute" last week. This week I need to share her latest photos, a Dexter themed shoot! While I wasn't exactly happy with the series finale of my favorite show... This photo shoot still is beyond cool, especially for all you Dexter fans out there! Che…
Callie’s Horror Film Tribute
I love horror movies! I was scrolling through my facebook news feed and what do I see? Callie Cosplay has a new shoot up online and it's a horror film tribute! Callie teamed up with David Love Photography to create this incredible images! I am so jealous that I didn't think to do something…