Hour 1
The lights in our studio were all messed up this morning. It turns out that someone from the local TV station came in and adjusted them, because we're going to be doing a segment with them each morning. Steve also found out that he was going to be the cameraman for that. Free Beer saw Sixteen Candles with his wife over the weekend. They saw it at a local movie theater on their anniversary. He said that it definitely DID NOT stand the test of time. We talked about a billionaire who announced recently that he was only going to eat meat from animals that he killed himself. You may be surprised to find out who the person is.
Hour 2
We talked early this morning about the awesome time we had at the live show in Portland on Friday. We're definitely looking forward to doing more of them. Zane told us that his nephew is looking to go in to sports broadcasting, but his father (Zane's brother) basically shot down any hope of that by critiquing his play-by-play tapes. He has zero knowledge of the industry, so he should not be offering his criticism. We checked out the pictures of a UFC figher that got his ass handed to him on the most recent episode of Ultimate Fighter. It looks like he's crying blood! You can see that in Cool Links. We played the audio of the devastating audio drop that Steve fired off during the live show on Friday. It was pretty insulting to one of the people in attendance at the show, yet it was somehow not heard by that person!

Hour 3
We watched two crazy videos on the air this morning: one of a Hot Wheels-themed truck breaking a world record for the longest jump, and one of a BMX rider doing the first ever triple backflip. You can see them in Cool Links and the Video Reel. Both are pretty nuts! Producer Joe provided us with some evidence that Bigfoot was indeed real and roaming the woods near Spokane, WA. He took a bit of heat from Zane and Hot Wings about this, though. We talked about a man whose hobby consumed so much of his life that the result was an airplane being built in his basement. We then took your calls about your time consuming hobbies.

Hour 4
A guy was in the news for what could be the worst example of flirting ever. He told the woman that he was sitting next to on the plane that he could kill everyone on the plane with some gas that he was carrying. No big surprise, he was arrested. In today's FBHW Report, we focussed on the two crazy finishes in auto racing from the weekend. Sarah Palin is rolling around the country in a bus and causing quite a buzz as media is following her everywhere. They're expecting her to announce that she is running for president, but we're not so sure if she will or not. We closed the hour with a story that left us confused, because we didn't know that horses could get herpes. Yup. They can!

Hour 5
Actor Jeff Conoway passed away last week. Producer Joe took the opportunity to put together a, as he called it, "career retrospective". You'll want to check that out on the podcast if you missed it live. We played two videos of news anchors screwing up on the air this morning. You can see both of them in the Video Reel. Talk to you on Wednesday morning!