A great man once said, "All women are bisexual, they just don't know it yet." That theme echos throughout this list. Check out the 10 best 'girls kissing girls' videos on YouTube. She kissed a girl... and she REALLY liked it! ;)

  • 10

    The Clubbin' Cougar Kiss

    More often than not, women will kiss each other for attention. So when two chicks pushing 30 find a camera on them in a club, there is only one possible reaction.

  • 9

    The Counter Culture Kiss

    These two girls look like they aren't sheep. They don't have to fit in to be cool. But when there is a camera on them and they want some attention... pucker up, because these girls like to show off.

  • 8

    Candle Light Kiss

    Two teenagers experimenting with some mood lighting and a kiss? What could go wrong? Nothing... absolutely nothing.

  • 7

    Leather Couch Foreplay

    These girls love the camera, and each other. Although, they do say they aren't feeling the kiss half way through the makeout session. And then they keep on going...

  • 6

    Refrigerator Rampage

    When the boys aren't paying attention to you at your party, what do you do!? Take your friends shirt off, slam her into the refrigerator and rape her mouth. Instantly the boys care about you again!

  • 5

    College Cuties Trying Something New

    It's the last night of the cruise and you HAVEN'T made out with your best friend yet!? Well get on that... BECAUSE IT'S THE LAST NIGHT OF THE CRUISE!

  • 4

    Cute Girls Kissing

    Just a couple of brunette beauties trying to eat each others faces. Pretty nice indeed :D

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    The Fourway Freakshow Kiss

    How much alcohol does it take for this scenario to become a reality? No really... I need to know!

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    Lip-Gloss Lovers 1

    Ladies love to gloss them lips before a big kiss. And when kissing each other, I guess they love to gloss each others lips.

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    Lip-Gloss Lovers 2

    Both girls are a little nervous before the kiss, but then as it gets going, they both seem to enjoy themselves. It's always good when someone finds a new hobby :D