Sweet mother of God, we knew it was coming. We had long laughed in the face of bees as we ate their sweet delicious honey. Yes, we knew they could sting but had  always had the upper hand in the relationship. Well, no more! Bees are fighting back. We now can taste the mighty honey flavored vengeance of our new buzzing overlords.

A semi truck carrying 460 hives through the state of Utah overturned and when it did.. over 25 million bees made their escape. The Utah authorities are meeting to decide what the best way to recapture the army of bees would be and hopefully are able to put a stop to their potential new world order of terror. We definitely don't want to start reporting to some Queen Bee. We can only hope that in the event that they can't capture the bees, they would be able to deploy some kind of atomic raid bomb that would lay waste to the stinging marauders.