If you've been anywhere on the Internet, then chances are that you know about the chick in the picture above. This hot girl with an infamous disregard for all things decent in dating is called Scumbag Stacy. But did you know that she was once known as Amber Stratton?

She is, in essence, the female version of Scumbag Steve, a popular meme that exemplifies everything it means to be a crappy friend. Scumbag Stacy, however, helps illustrate behaviors of a piss-poor girlfriend or female love interest.

Before her image became an internet meme, Amber Stratton started out as a normal girl who happened to become the winner of CollegeHumor's "Hottest College Girl" contest back in 2007. In those days, she was a nutrition and dietetics major at the University of Delaware. She won a $10,000 reward, a modeling contract with BustedTees.com and a trip for two to New York City. And, as it turns out, she'd end up winning internet immortality.

Her rise as Scumbag Stacy started in 2011. Since then, searches for the meme have only grown, along with her popularity. Stratton has all but disappeared from the internet these days, perhaps in a bid for privacy or to tear herself away from the Scumbag Stacy image. But thankfully, we found an old video of her, so enjoy it as you see fit. Because Stacy might be a scumbag, but damn is she fit.

Check out the short video of her talking about herself.